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We guarantee the Gearbox. For a period of twelve months for fully reconditioned gearboxes (6 months when fitted to taxi, van, commercial vehicle, 4 x 4 vehicle, driving school car, motor home and 6 months on gearbox repairs and rear axles) from the date off invoice assuming normal use and proper care and subject to the following terms & conditions; breach of any of these conditions will render this guarantee voidable at our discretion.


1. That the unit be correctly fitted to the vehicle exactly as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers.

2. That the unit is not fitted or connected to or required to work with defective vehicle parts or to a vehicle which the

    Unit was not designed.

3. The unit is:

(i)  Not used in any unusual or abnormal manner.

(ii) NOT used in a rally, road-race or track event or other form of competition.

(iii) Not in a vehicle which has been involved in an accident resulting in damage to the unit or connecting parts.

(iv) Kept properly lubricated in the manner and with the lubricant as approved by the vehicle manufacturers. M32 Gearboxes gear oil changed every 7000 to 8000 miles (Whilst oil leaks are covered by this guarantee, damage caused by loss of lubricant is not).

4. That, as soon as practicable, the unit is returned to us for inspection, in a complete & not dismantled condition.

5. That, if required, the vehicle be returned to us for inspection.




A. This guarantee is in respect of a reconditioned unit. The unit has been rebuilt with worn components being replaced. In the case of  

    Customers own unit being repaired (as distinct from being completely re-serviced) only the parts renewed are guaranteed.

B. Trade customers are advised to inform their customer of the guarantee period and conditions mentioned herein.

C. Halifax gearbox n clutch center will not be held responsible for any repairs or work (including breakdown, recovery or vehicle hire

    Charges) what’s so ever contracted with any firm or person unless previously authorized by us.

D. In the unlikely event of any defects occurring during the guarantee period we will at our option repair the defective unit or exchange

     It or refund the price paid. If there is a dispute as to the cause of the defect, we may charge the full price of a replacement unit, until

    Such time as the faulty unit has been examined, if the guarantee claim is then accepted we will refund the charge made.

E. Where the unit was sold on a 'Supply only’ basis, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange for the vehicle to be delivered

    To us for inspection.  Should it be found that the unit was incorrectly fitted we reserve the right to refuse the guarantee claim.

F. Should the vehicle be disposed of within the guarantee period the guarantee is not transferable to any new owner.

G.  If we repair or replace the unit the original guarantee in respect of the unit is not thereby extended.

H. This guarantee covers the removal repair and refit including lubricant of a defective gearbox but does not cover the cost of recovery

    of the vehicle to our premises. Commercial vehicles over 3.5 ton, this guarantee does not cover the cost of removal & refit.

I. This guarantee covers for use / units / parts in the U.K. mainland only and does not affect your statutory rights.

J. Please tighten up your wheel nuts within the first 200 miles.



                           FITTING INSTRUCTIONS


BEFORE FITTING: Check gear selection, gear change rods and bushes, clutch assembly, flywheel / dual mass flywheel, crankshaft pilot bush / bearing / clutch linkage, prop-shaft yoke / universal joints - For wear


All ancillary fittings: e.g. Speed-o drive, gaskets, reverse light switch, gear change lever and gearbox mounting brackets and rubbers which are not supplied by us should also be checked and replaced or renewed as necessary.

It is essential that all the manufacturers locating dowels between the engine and gearbox are present and in good condition. If in any doubt about any aspect of  re-fitting the unit please do not hesitate to contact your supplier for further help.


After fitting, fill with recommended amount of oil as specified by the vehicle manufacturer, with the engine running select 1st or reverse gear to ensure a smooth & silent engagement. If this does not occur then there is a clutch malfunction (clutch drag). This should be rectified immediately. Check for any oil leaks & tighten wheel after 100 miles




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